1. sltrinkets:

    New dollarbie and lucky board skins from Mother Goose

    —> slurl <—

  2. sltrinkets:

    New group gift +luckies from urfavorite. one

    —> slurl <— Group is free to join 

  3. sltrinkets:

    Dollarbie from M*Motion 

    —> slurl <— 

  4. sltrinkets:

    Group gift from A&C 

    —> slurl <—  Group is free to join

    * actually even though its a group gift you, it doesnt need the group tag to grab it. 

  5. kathrynookami:

    it’s outtttt!!! :) New group gift at Muchness&Muchly! Group is still free till 12noon SLT :3 >SLUrl to Muchness&Muchly<

    EDIT: group will be free till 4pm SLT :) join while it’s free, to get this free :3

  6. horrorsl:

    Just You Jewels group gifts! :)

    Group join is FREE

    Each item is 5L


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  7. horrorsl:

    Ladybug Outfit (on top) is actually 10L (link)

    And the shoulder sweater is 1L (link)

    The whole store is pretty cute with low prices, check it out  here.

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  8. horrorsl:

    Gabriel group gifts for both men and women! :)

    Gifts are FREE and group join is also FREE.


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  9. horrorsl:

    Mad Tea Party group gifts

    Group is FREE to join.


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